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Reusable Capsule System for Nespresso® OriginalLine™

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What is Sealpod?

Sealpod is a patented reusable capsule system that works with Nespresso® OriginalLine™ machines. The pod system consists of refillable capsules made of stainless steel and recyclable lids that are either aluminum- or paper-based.

There are so many wonderful espresso blends in the world … and many of them are not made by Nespresso®. Sealpod capsules let you brew your favorite espresso with your Nespresso® machine.

Video comparing Sealpod to disposable capsules

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Patented Design

Sealpod’s patented refillable capsule system for Nespresso® will not damage your Nespresso OriginalLine machine. Sealpod system consists of the following components:

  • Capsules: Made of Stainless Steel. Reusable for life given the proper care and maintenance
  • Silicon Ring: Made of heat resistant silicone material; Enables a tighter seal when brewing espresso
  • Espresso Lid: Made of aluminum; Enables the as-designed machine use and awesome crema!
  • Tea Lid: Made of paper; Lets you make tea with your Nespresso machine!
  • Fresh Cover: Made of silicone; Lets you keep filled capsules fresh for up to 14 days

Patent Number: M480265, CN201420052879

Are Your Plastic Capsules Safe?

Many of our customers are worried about using hot plastic in food preparation. We think stainless steel and aluminum are much safer. Plus, espresso should always be brewed through stainless steel. Ask any barista!

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Pick the Sealpod Pack that Works for You!

Get the Five Pack if you drink a lot of espresso. 

Get the Two Pack to save money without losing convenience.


Get the Starter Pack to use your favorite coffee with your machine.

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